joost van bellen

Joost van Bellen

The true raw legend with THE moustache! That’s Joost van Bellen. Dutch electro DJ and event organizer is making his way to Neverland.
For over thirty years, Joost van Bellen is rocking the decks with a well glued combination of various music styles melted into one; Joost van Bellen’s style. Unique, innovative, powerful and lots of positivity is what we feel when he arrives at the Factory.

Joost van Bellen is the definition of an adventurer who travelled and performed worldwide packed with lots of golden tracks. The rough electronic sound will guide you to the dance floor at the Factory. To party with Joost van Bellen is a moment that you will cherish forever!

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Timetable slot

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Timetable slot

To be announced at a later date, stay tuned


There are still many hidden secrets in Neverland. Join the next adventure and be part of the new and unwritten chapter. A new story will unfold on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July 2019 at Megaland Langraaf, The Netherlands.

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