A trembling dance floor, cracking rocks and blasting Hardstyle like dynamite. That is where RVAGE is all about.

After spending a lot of time in the studio, RVAGE brought his musical experiments alive! His extraordinary sound will make sure that you won’t be standing still in the mine during Neverland Festival 2019!

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Infected by a virus of creativity from a young age, kick-making machine RVAGE is the definition of a young and prodigious inspiration. Rapt in the ravages of the extraordinary, he began working day and night to bring his boundless ideas to life, escalating to the point where these very experiments were ready to see the light of day.

After RVAGE unveiled himself to the world, his hard work and perseverance inevitably resulted in him signing with leading record label A2 Records and Most Wanted DJ Agency.

2017 was an efficacious year for the kick-making machine, however, 2018 has been a step up for RVAGE, who has truly flaunted his talents to the world. Impacting every single sound-system with thrashing and catchy beats, RVAGE has released a handful of memorable tracks this year including ͞Famous,͟͞Bounce,͟͞Rise Up,͟͞Moment Of Truth͟ with Level One and his first ever anthem ͞Stuck In A Dream (Official Outlands 2018 Anthem).͟

With a fan-base that’s multiplying at lightning speed, the bookings have also been flowing in, seeing RVAGE perform at eminent events such as Masters of Hardcore, Dominator, Supremacy, Defqon.1, Intents Festival, WiSH Outdoor, Fatality and many more!

With his productions striving to evolve and push beyond all boundaries and the announcement of RVAGE Live performance out in the open, this young mastermind is certainly on his way to the top!

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There are still many hidden secrets in Neverland. Join the next adventure and be part of the new and unwritten chapter. A new story will unfold on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July 2019 at Megaland Langraaf, The Netherlands.

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